Ham Radio Solutions

Ham Radio Solutions will soon be releasing CW Hotline, a WiFi connected CW tool. CW Hotline was designed to provide a way to key a remote radio station in CW mode, but can be also used as a private Morse code link to friends. Think “The Bat Phone” for CW. It is available with either a built in straight key or paddles, or neither if only external keys will be used. Once it is configured with the local WiFi information, just power up, it will link with selected peers and be ready to send and receive.

Some CW Hotline features include:

CW Hotline Assembly Manual

CW Hotline User Manual

CW Hotline Case Drilling Template

CW Hotline is in beta test currently. We hope to make kits available to all in December. Please questions to support@hamradio.solutions.

The connect page can be used to check the firmware version of CW Hotline, to update the firmware, and to change the settings.

First, step is to open a web serial connection to your CW Hotline. Make sure it is plugged into the computer with a USB data cable. A charging only cable will not work. Then click the connect button below.

Current Version: