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Welcome to VBand, the internet Virtual CW Band. We welcome any feedback from users.

Set your callsign and/or name under settings.

To send with a keyboard keyer "paddle", use the [ key for dits and the ] key for dahs.

Or change to Straight Key Mode in settings, and use either key to send.

Left and right control keys can be used in place of the [ key and the ] key.

The text box in the second tab can be used as a scratch pad to copy what you hear.

To interface an actual paddle or straight key, check out our USB Paddle Interface on the About page.

We have learned that some computers & tablets have high latency that makes sending difficult. An external keyer may help.

Click a channel below to get started.

First set your channel from the Channel List


VBand - Virtual CW Band by Ham Radio Solutions - Version Nov 22, 2020

This project was created by two friends who wanted to (re)learn CW, but didn't regularly have great propagation between them to practice, and were a bit embarrased to get on the air at their current skill level. While it allows code to be sent with a keyboard as either a paddle or straight key, it really shines using the USB paddle interface below.

The goal was to make a fun way to practice sending and receiving CW with a buddy, without worrying about a radio, an antenna, a license, good propagation, or RF noise.

The USB paddle interface allows sending with an actual paddle or straight key instead of the computer keyboard. The adapter connects to a computer with a USB cable, and has a 3.5mm TRS jack for the paddle / straight key connection. It has been tested on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android. The price is $25 plus $3.50 US shipping. International users please contact us.

Please note: The response to VBand has been overwhelming. We are working to ship the USB adapters as fast as possible, in the order the requests are received. You will receive an email from PayPal after ordering, and another from us with a tracking number as soon as we ship. Thank you for your understanding as we work to keep up with demand.

The Digispark source code is available for those that would like to build their own USB interface.

Please send and comments, questions, or suggestions to support@hamradio.solutions.

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